Direct Service Programs

The Mentoring Center’s Youth Services Division works with all youth, but specializes in working with the most highly at-risk youth, those youth who are no longer simply at-risk but immersed in their risk behaviors.

The Mentoring Center utilizes Transformative Mentoring™ to serve all youth up to highly at-risk youth.

Transformative Mentoring™ is an intentional, structured, systemic, cognitive behavior and corrective intervention focused on personally transforming the attitude and mental framework of a disrupted human development cycle.

It is an intense service delivery system. TMC’s approach includes a group-mentoring program that is curriculum-based and long term. The ultimate goal is to change the mentality in the youth that gives rise to destructive behavior.

TMC’s Transformative Mentoring™ curriculum is designed for character development, cognitive restructuring, spiritual development, life-skills training, anger management, and employability skills.

Once the mentality and attitudes are successfully addressed, the youth are ready to benefit from TMC’s support services including educational assistance, employment training, job placement, housing, clothing, transportation, and referrals for substance abuse counseling and mental health therapy. TMC serves at least 250 youth per year.

Our Programs

Case Management Life Coaching

A pre-adjudication program, funded by the City of Oakland, through Measure Y targeting juvenile offenders in Oakland. The JJC program links Oakland’s youth offenders to resources to assist with their integration back into school and community. TMC supports this program by providing a case manager/ mentor and connecting young people to TMC’S Transformative Mentoring™ Groups.

Transformative Mentoring™ Groups

A youth re-entry program funded by the City of Oakland, through Measure Y, serving “serious” youth and young adult offenders, who are returning to Oakland from Division of Juvenile Justice. Project Choice offers pre- release Transformative Mentoring Groups and intensive case management.