Technical Assistance & Training

The Mentoring Center is recognized nationally as a leader in the field of mentoring.

We promote, develop, and implement the concept of mentoring as a vehicle to transform lives and effectively address the needs of youth of all backgrounds. TMC recognizes mentoring as a viable tool for youth development. In 2000, informed through our direct services after eight years of field testing models, TMC began specializing its technical assistance to organizations serving the highly at-risk youth population. Mentoring concepts are continually refined through research and field testing. We promote and communicate the concepts to others by sponsoring conferences, conducting training, and providing technical assistance and program development to mentoring agencies.

The Mentoring Center’s services include:

The provision of technical assistance and training to the Boards, staff and mentors of diverse youth mentoring programs;

The Transformative Intervention Institute, an intensive three day training for organizations serving youth offenders and highly at-risk youth;

The Mentoring Institute for Trainers and Managers, a training of trainers course TMC teaches at UC Berkeley;

The development, field-testing and evaluation of new mentoring models for underserved youth populations;

Raising public awareness about mentoring and encouraging individuals to volunteer as mentors.

The Center’s training format includes but is not limited to:

Determining agency organizational health and readiness to develop and operate an effective mentoring program;

Organizational development and capacity building for new and existing programs;

Developing mentee/mentor recruitment and retention strategies;

Developing appropriate mentor/mentee matching and monitoring criterion;

Program evaluation techniques;

Identifying and clarifying program goals and objectives for working with various youth populations.

The principle charge of TMC is to assist requesting agencies in the development and operation of effective mentoring constructs. Since it’s inception in January 1991, TMC has served more than 800 agencies and has trained more than 20,000 mentors nationally.

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